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  • Mia Wallace

Andrea's Story

My name is Andrea, and I have seizures, they can strike me anytime and anywhere, even in public.

It’s really hard for my kids, they don’t understand how I’m not able to drive because of my disability. It’s the law that says that I can’t, but Gavin is 14 and autistic, and Hayden is 11…… they just want to go places and not need to wait on a ride when they go.

I can’t just up and take them to the movies, or go to the grocery store anytime I need, or to their friends houses, or even to see family. I have to rely on family and friends for a ride, and I hate feeling helpless.

I really wish Tennessee would get medical cannabis here, because I am tired of living like this, and it helps alot of people with seizures. I would like to have the choice to try it, and see if we can get our life back. It’s safer than seizure medicines, so why can’t I have the choice to try it?

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