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  • Mia Wallace

Will's Story

My name is Will, and I am 25 years old. On August 4th, 2016, I got run over by a drunk driver at a party while trying to save a three week old child from riding with her extremely intoxicated mother.

She didnt even strap her child into a car seat, so I was trying to stop her from driving off. Her tires ran over my head, and I had to have surgery on my brain to save my life. They removed part of my skull to release pressure off my brain, and after the surgery they prescribed me pain killers.

I smoked cannabis instead, as it’s definitely a lesser evil in my opinion. Pills made my hand eye coordination very bad, and in the state I was in one fall could kill me, so I smoked cannabis to save my life, and not worry about getting addicted to it like with pills. I’m not saying I smoke it anymore, but back when I did it worked with no bad side effects

I think Tennessee needs to have medical cannabis available legally for people like me. People who have real pain, but don’t want to end up addicted to pills because there was no other legal choice.

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